We present you a successfully completed project of furnishing 12 apartments for rent. Our task was to design and choose furniture, lighting and interior textiles, as well as to offer interesting color accents on some of the walls.

Of course, everything starts from the kitchen - the heart of the home. We have chosen a suitable budget model from NOLTE kitchens that is able to meet the financial framework of the project. The FEEL kitchen has pleasant looking super-matte laminate and variety of neutral colors, allowing easy combination with the rest of the furniture. When designing the kitchens, we had to provide a built-in washing machine, a dishwasher and an oven with a warm hob, as well as hide the gas boilers. In order to optimize the spaces in some of the apartments, we completed the kitchen with a dining table.

For the living rooms, we chose sofas that can be converted into double beds if needed by pulling out a second mattress. Cabinets for TVs and low tables with tops of grease with spectacular finishes complete the overall interior. The furniture is from Italian companies offering furniture for investment projects.

We furnished the one-bedroom apartments with a double bed and a wardrobe-library, and in the three-bedroom apartments, we offered a multifunctional solution for the second bedroom - a wall composition of panels and textiles and two separate beds that allow them to be paired if necessary.

We chose the lighting in the apartments from a renowned Spanish manufacturer, focusing on high quality materials and light.

We did not compromise with the interior textiles either - we opted for light fabrics and soft colors.

The installation of the German kitchens Nolte and the Italian furniture we furnished the apartments with was carried out by INTRO's Design studio technical team.